Big Ass Book of Recipes and Other Sh*t


A Cheeky Monkey’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting. This is the book I wish I’d had when I first started intermittent fasting. eBook only.



If you have been following me on Facebook for any length of time you know that I don’t speak eloquently, nor write grammatically correct most of the time, and I’m a cheeky little monkey with potty mouth.

So, let’s put all that shit aside for a second and let me sell you this book. The reason I started out with a 4-week book of daily recipes is because I wished I’d had that when I got started

Yes, it’s true knowing the science behind intermittent fasting is important and I have been working on that book for quite some time. However, I know when I first got into intermittent fasting I just wanted to do it. And if I learn what it’s all about along the way, cool..

I didn’t search Facebook for vegan dieting so that I could have somebody tell me that I really wanted to watch out for the ghrelin hormone or be wary of the cephalic phase insulin response. I just wanted somebody to tell me what the hell to do. That’s the impetus of this book…woo big word for an Illinois hick. I gots some skills.

So here you go this is my big ass book of recipes and other shit. Inside you’re going to find 4 weeks of daily meals, and you’re going to learn a little bit about what the recipes mean to me. You’re going to find some recommendations for daily meditation, exercise, and how to measure your success without wanting to close your head inside the refrigerator door several times.

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